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Dhopap Temple, Sultanpur



Dhopap Temple, Sultanpur


Sultanpur Lambhua Sahgarh Belahi Uttar Pradesh India 222302

Dhopap Temple, located near Ayodhya-Sultanpur, has a special connection with the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya. It is believed that, following the advice of sages, Lord Rama visited this holy site to attain salvation from sins. Took bath in Gomati river. This place later came to be known as Dhopap. Devotees now go to Dhopap to pray to Lord Rama to get relief from their sins. According to beliefs, after the victorious war against Ravana, Lord Rama worshiped here following the guidance of sages to absolve himself of the sin of Brahmahatya. The bathing ghat associated with this event is called Ramghat. Over the years, millions of people have gone to Dhopapa to get relief from their sins. Many people believe that after worshiping at this holy site, they have seen miraculous changes in their lives. The spiritual significance of Dhopapa is deeply rooted in the legend of Lord Rama, and a pilgrimage to this site symbolizes the pursuit of purification and spiritual well-being.

Mythological History:

The mythological site Tirtharaj Dhopap on the banks of the famous Gomati river in Sultanpur has mythological and archaeological importance. Bathing in this Dham, which became famous due to the arrival of Lord Ram in Tretayuga, has special significance. Freedom from sins and acquisition of virtues through food donation is considered as Dhopapa. Evidence of Muslim rule has also been found around the pilgrimage site. The fort was constructed without damaging the Hindu temple.

After conquering Lanka, Lord Rama was accused of the sin of Brahmahatya. To get freedom from this, on the advice of the sages, Lord Ram took a bath at this place and got freedom from the sin of Brahmahatya. Even today this place is known as Ramghat. Since then the name of this place became Dhopaap.

According to a popular story, when Lakshman ji was accused of the sin of killing Brahma, Shri Ram ji also advised him to go to Dhopap and take a bath, donate, and do havan, by doing this all the sins of Lakshman ji were washed away. And since then everyone has come to this place every Dussehra and auspicious occasions to wash away their sins. And get freedom from your sins.

The geographical term of India is also mentioned in the English Gazetteer of the Dhopap pilgrimage site under the Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Dangali Prasad Varun, editor of the State Government's District Gazetteer, published about 25 years ago, and IAS officer Dangali Prasad Varun, has given historical material about the crime of sin.

As a cultural center, the main temple of Dhopap Dham temple, located about eight kilometers north of Lambhua tehsil headquarters of Ayodhya Dham district, has idols of God for worship. Every year on Ganga Dussehra of Jyeshtha Shukla Dashami, a huge crowd of devotees reach here. Apart from the surrounding areas, devotees from many districts and states come to Dhopap to bathe and donate to get rid of their sins. And get freedom from sins. Lord Shri Ram, after returning from conquering Lanka, took a bath in the sun and freed himself from the noose of Brahmahatya. associated with the murder of Ravana. Then Ram donated the lamp. Lord Ram had donated the lamp at this place. Later it came to be called Diya.

Importance of Ganga Dussehra festival in Dhopap Dham:

On the occasion of the Ganga Dussehra festival in Dhopap Dham, lakhs of devotees take a dip of faith in the Gomti river. Lord Ram performs ritual worship in the Janaki temple. On the festival of Roga Dussehra, devotees from every corner of the country and surrounding areas come to Dhopap Dham to get freedom from sins. Here devotees express their faith in religious activities by donating food and offering food to God. Many people also perform the Mundan Sanskar of children in Tham on the occasion of the Ganga Dussehra festival.

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