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Shakambhari Devi


Mata Shakumbhari Devi Rd, Jwala Nagar, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh 247001

Shakambari Devi is a revered goddess in Hinduism, celebrated for being associated with nourishment, abundance, and harvest. She is depicted as a manifestation of the divine feminine, adorned with fruits, vegetables, and grains, symbolizing the source of sustenance for all living beings. The name "Shakambari" translates to "carrier of vegetables", highlighting his role as a provider of agricultural abundance. Devotees believe that Goddess Shakambari brings fertility to the land, ensuring a bountiful harvest. Her worship is especially emphasized during Shakambari Navratri, a festival dedicated to honoring her divine presence. During this time, devotees express gratitude for the harvest and seek blessings from the goddess for continued prosperity and abundance. Shakambari Devi's significance goes beyond physical sustenance, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life, death, and regeneration. She symbolizes the interconnectedness of the earth and its resources with the well-being of humanity. Temples dedicated to Shakambhari Devi are places of lively festivities and rituals during Navratri, attracting devotees who express their devotion through prayers, offerings, and ceremonies. The goddess is worshiped not only as a provider of physical nourishment but also as a symbol of spiritual abundance and harmony in the cyclical rhythm of life.

Mythological History:

Shakti Peeth Shakambari Devi Temple is a Maha Shaktipeeth located in the Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Like Kamakhya, Rajrappa Peeth, Tarapeeth, and Vindhyachal Peeth, this is also a Siddha Peeth because the idol of the mother here is self-proven, which is found only in rare areas, in Kedarkhand. According to this, this is the Shakambhari area whose glory is immense. In Brahmapur, this Peeth has been called Sidhpeeth. In many Puranas and Aagam texts, this Peeth is known by the names Param Peeth, Shaktipeeth, Shaktipeeth, and Sidhpeeth. This area is the proven place of Bhagwati Shatakshi. This very rare pilgrimage area is called Panchkoshi Siddha Peeth. The head of Bhagwati Sati had fallen in this area, hence it is counted among the famous Shakti Peethas of the Goddess. The famous journey of the nine goddesses of North India is not complete without the darshan of Maa Shakambhari Devi. Situated in the Shivalik Mountains, this is the oldest pilgrimage site of Shakambhari Devi.

In ancient times there was a great demon named Durgam. The father of that evil demon was the great demon Ruru. The thought came to the demon's mind that 'the strength of the gods lies in the Vedas and from that they derive their power. If the Vedas disappear, even the gods will not exist, there is no doubt about it. Therefore, first, the Vedas should be destroyed. Thinking this, the demon went to the great Himalayan mountains to perform penance. After meditating Lord Brahma, he took his seat. He lived only by drinking juice. He performed a very difficult penance for a thousand years. All beings, including gods and demons, were astonished by his brilliance. Then the four-faced Lord Brahma, having beauty like a lotus, happily appeared in front of Durgam riding on a swan to grant the boon and said – 'May you be well. Whatever boon you wish to get, ask for it. Today, pleased with your penance, I have come here.' Hearing these words from the mouth of Lord Brahma, Durgam said - God, please grant me the complete Vedas. Also, give me the strength with which I can defeat the gods. Hearing this from Durgam, Brahmaji, the supreme presiding deity of the four Vedas, went towards Brahmalok saying 'tathastu'.The Brahmins forgot the study of all the Vedas. In the absence of the Vedas, all activities went astray. The Brahmins abandoned their religion and started behaving in a vengeful manner. Thus, a very terrible situation occurred which caused great disaster in the whole world and a great famine occurred. When such a terrible and inauspicious time arrived, the Brahmins and the gods went to the Shivalik mountain range of the Himalayas with the idea of ​​worshiping Goddess Jagdamba, the embodiment of well-being. He praised Goddess Bhuvaneshwari through Samadhi, meditation, and worship.He used to observe Satya Vrat. His mind was focused only on Goddess Jagdamba. He said – 'Deveshwari superpower that resides within everyone! This evil demon king does something only according to your inspiration, otherwise he is incapable of doing anything. You are fully capable of doing whatever you wish. Kalyani! Jagadambika, become happy, become happy, O Bhavani, become happy! Superpower we salute you.'In this way, on the prayers of the Brahmins, Bhagwati Jagadamba, who is famous by the names of 'Bhuvaneshwari' and Maheshwari'. Appeared in person. This idol of his was compared to Kajjalagiri. The eyes were as if they were blue lotus. Lotus flowers adorned the Pallava and moola hands. This form of Bhagwati Ionija, the source of complete beauty, was very admirable. This idol, shining like millions of suns, was an immense ocean of compassion. After presenting such a divine form, the compassionate heart of Bhavani, who was always ready to protect the world, started pouring thousands of streams of water on the earth from her infinite eyes. Due to the water coming out of his eyes, there was heavy rain in the world for nine nights. All those gods and Brahmins together started praising Goddess Bhagwati.

Mahadevi! Greetings to you. Super strength ! To solve our problem, you have assumed a unique form with thousands of eyes. Hey mother! Due to being extremely suffering from hunger, we are unable to praise you specifically. Ambe! Maheshani, Goddess Shatakshi with hundred eyes! You please bring the Vedas from the demon named Durgamasura.Vyas ji says – Rajan! Hearing this pitiful cry of Brahmins and Gods, Lord Shiva gave many types of vegetables and delicious fruits to them to eat with her own hands and by producing different types of vegetables and fruits from her body, she distributed different types of food and fruits on the earth. Presented. He also pleased to give them grass rich in many juices which can be eaten by animals. Rajan ! From that day onwards the name of Bhagwati became “Shakumbhari”.All the gods started praising Shakambhari Devi. There was an uproar in the Shivalik hills and the demons became aware of the condition of the gods. He organized his army armed himself with weapons and set out for war. He had an Akshohini army. Thereafter, Goddess Shakambhari created a bright wheel all around to protect the world. Thereafter, a fight broke out between the goddess and the demon.The thunderous sound of the bow echoed in all directions. Through the illusion of Goddess Bhagwati, many fierce powers appeared and the powers inspired by the Goddess destroyed many armies of demons. Then Durgam himself appeared before the powers and started fighting with them. Within ten days, the entire Akshohini armies of the demon were killed by the illusion of Goddess Shakambhari. Now a fierce battle started between Bhagwati Jagadamba Shakambari and the demon Durgamasura. The fight continued for twenty-one days. On the twenty-first day, five arrows of Jagadamba Shakambari entered Durgam's chest. Then that demon stained with blood fell lifeless in front of Bhagwati Parameshwari. Then the gods started praising Shakambhari Devi, the presiding deity of policy – ​​Bhagwati Parameshwari, the only reason for the ever-changing world! Shakambhari!Shatakshi Shatlochane! Hello to you. Bhagwati Shakeshwari, the embodiment of well-being and living in Panchkoshi Siddha Peeth, is praised by the entire Upanishads and who killed the demon named Durgamasura! Greetings to you. Vyasji says – Rajan! Bhagwati Shakambhari immediately became satisfied after praising gods like Brahma, Vishnu, etc., and worshiping various substances. Shatakshi Devi, who was sweet-spoken like a nightingale, happily rescued the Vedas from that demon and handed them over to the gods. She said that this great greatness of mine should be recited continuously. Being pleased with him, I will always remove all troubles. Vyasji says – Rajan! For those devout men and women who continuously listen to this chapter, all their wishes are fulfilled and ultimately they reach the supreme abode of the Goddess.

The temple of Mata Shakambhari Devi disappeared after the Mahabharata period due to its location in dense forests. Due to being away from the population for a long time, the devotees had forgotten the Mother Goddess. Once a local blind cowherd named Nain Gujar got lost in this forest. The night was also dark and the sounds of wild animals all around seemed frightening. Then Nain Gujar heard the divine and sweet voice of Goddess Shatakshi, “This is our supreme seat, please bring it into the light again”. When Nain Gujar asked who are you, the voice came, “I am Shakambhari Devi in ​​the form of Shakti”. Then the cowherd said, if you are a form of Shakti, then show me the light of your eyes. At that very moment, the light came and the cowherd became visible. Then the cowherd Gujar found the place of Mata and cleaned it and this place of Mata came into existence again.

Around 350 BC, during the reign of Chandragupta, Acharya Chanakya and Chandragupta spent a lot of time in this Siddha Peeth and formed their army. At that time, Maa Shakambari Devi Shaktipeeth Srughan was the biggest pilgrimage site in the country where lakhs of devotees used to come every year to have darshan of the goddess.

Timing Of Temple:

Mata Ji's temple is open for devotees from 04:00 AM to 10:00 PM, morning aarti is from 4:30-05:00 AM, and evening aarti is from 07:00-07:30 PM. Special puja is organized in the temple of Mata Ji during Navratri, in which Mata Ji is decorated and various types of offerings are made. There is a crowd of lakhs of devotees during Navratri.

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