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Dasharatha Mahal, Ayodhya



Dasharatha Mahal, Ayodhya


Chowk Ayodhya Rd, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224123

Dashrath Mahal present in Ayodhya is a very important place for the pilgrims coming to Ayodhya. It is believed that in this palace is the palace of Lord Shri Ram's father where King Dasharatha used to reside. Along with King Dashrath, Mother Kaushalya, Mother Sumitra and Mother Kekayi also lived in the Dashrath Mahal. It is believed that visiting the Dasaratha Palace in Ayodhya and having auspicious darshan there improves father-son relations. And we get to learn new lessons in life too. Devotees feel satisfied after coming to Ayodhya Dham. Life becomes happy with the blessings of Lord Shri Ram. Life becomes better by visiting the Dashrath Mahal. Ayodhya, situated on the banks of Saryu, is known all over the world by the name of Lord Ram. Thousands of devotees come every day to worship Lord Ram. Many mythological places associated with Lord Rama are established in Ayodhya. There are many temples and palaces present in Ayodhya which are famous all over the world for their beauty and greatness. Along with having the darshan of Lord Ram, visiting all the famous palaces, buildings and temples is the main objective of the devotees. Today we all know the palace in which Lord Shri Ram Ji's father i.e. King Dashrath lived, as Dashrath Mahal.

Mythological History:

Dasharatha Mahal, located a few steps away from the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram, is a famous Siddha Peetha. This is the place where King Dasharatha had established a palace in Treta Yuga which was named Dasharatha Mahal.  The famous Peetha of Shri Vaishnav and the Supreme Peetha of Bindugari are also situated at this place. Dashrath Mahal is located in the middle of Ayodhya, this building has the idol of Lord Shri Ram, Mother Sita, and Lakshman ji, many devotees gather here and perform bhajan and kirtan. Ram Navami, Diwali, Shravan Fair, Chaitra Navami, and Kartik Fair have special significance, they are celebrated here with special enthusiasm. Devotees come from faraway places to celebrate these festivals. Incredible architecture and world-class standards make this place amazing and prestigious।Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of Ramallah, says that the idols of King Dashrath, Kaushalya, Kekai, Sumitra along with Lord Ram, Mother Sita, Bharat, Shatrughan, Lakshman are installed together in Dashrath Mahal. All his wishes are fulfilled for any devotee who comes here with a true heart. Dashrath Mahal is situated on the Ram Janmabhoomi Darshan Marg, just 100 meters from Siddha Peeth Hanumangarhi.

Timing Of Temple:

Dashrath Mahal is open for visitors from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and the temple remains open from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Aarti takes place.

Aarti takes place here between 6:00AM to 7:00AM in the morning and between 09:00PM to 10:00PM in the night.


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