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Chhoti Devkaali, Ayodhya



Chhoti Devkaali, Ayodhya


Shastri Nagar, Ayodhya Ho, Ayodhya - 224123

Chhoti Devkali Temple is a Kali Mata temple located in Ayodhya. There is a belief about this temple that after marriage with Shri Ram Ji while coming to Ayodhya, Mother Sita had also brought the idol of her family goddess Mata Parvati with her, hence it is present here even today. We know this Devi Mata temple as Chhoti Devkali. In Hinduism, Ayodhya is famous for its historical and religious significance as the birthplace of Lord Rama. Ayodhya Dham has several temples dedicated to different deities, each of which contributes to the spiritual and cultural fabric of Ayodhya. One of the most prominent Devi Mata temples is Chhoti Devkali Mata Temple. Describing its importance, devotees say that whoever comes here with a true heart and worships Mata Rani and has darshan, Mata Kali takes away all his sorrows, sins, and problems. The significance of the Chhoti Devkali temple is linked to the worship of a specific form of Kali. The people of Ayodhya worship her as their family deity. Dedicated to Goddess Kali, this temple symbolizes the fierce and protective aspect of the divine feminine in Hinduism. By worshiping them, positive power develops and strength and courage are born. Devotees come from all over India to worship Goddess Kali in Ayodhya and get rid of their sorrows with her blessings. Devotees experience a lot of joy and happiness after coming to Ayodhya Dham.

Mythological History:

The well-known Siddha Shakti Peeth Chhoti Dev Kali Temple in the holy city of Ayodhya, in a temple in the Treta Yuga, Sarvamangala Parvati Mata Gauri established.  In the present time, Mata Gauri is present here in the form of Kali. Chhoti Dev Kali Temple is located inside the street near the post office. The temple is also mentioned in Rudyamal and Skandpuran. There are nine goddesses present in this temple whose form is very charming, by visiting them, married couples get happiness and peace in their married life as well as the blessings of having children.

It is believed that when Lord Shri Ram and Mata Seeta were married and when Mata Seeta was going from Janakpuri to Ayodhya with Lord Shri Ram, she had brought the idol of her clan goddess Mata Parvati along with her. Maharaja Dashrath ji got a temple built for the family goddess in the Ishan Code of Saptsagar in Ayodhya, in which the family goddess of Mata Sita, Mata Parvati was established. Mata Sita and other queens of the royal family used to go for worship every day. According to history, the temple was destroyed twice due to the invasion of Hudo and Mughals. For the first time, it was rebuilt by Maharaja Pushpamitra and for the second time when it was demolished by the Mughals, the Mahant of the Bindu sect built a small chamber in place of this grand temple. In which the idol of Mata Kali was established. Chinese traveler Hwansang has also mentioned the prestige, splendor, and specialty of this temple in his journey. This temple is located in the Isan Code of Kanak Bhawan, In the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, the deity of Goddess Devkali Sindoori Verd riding on the lion is sitting in the form of a face, in the circumambulation area there are 8 goddesses in different forms, a total of 9 goddesses are present. Whose image looks very attractive.

During Navratri, there is a crowd of lakhs of devotees in the temple. All kinds of wishes are fulfilled by just seeing the goddess, by visiting here all the problems in the life of the devotees are removed. Those who have problems in their marital life, their life become happier. Those who are childless get children. Those who have problems in their marital life, their life become happier. Those who are childless get children.

Festivals and worship: There is a lot of crowd in Shakti Peeth Chhoti Dev Kali temple during the days of Sharadiya Navratri and on the occasion of Shri Janaki Navami, a grand jhanki of Adisakti Jagat Janani Maa Chhoti Dev Kali is decorated. A grand aarti of 1051 lamp is performed on Chaitra Navratri, Asadh Navratri, and Ashwin Navratri. Durga Saptsati Path, Chandi Havan, Akhand Kirtan, Kanya Bhoj, and Bhandara are organized on Basant Pachami and Janaki Festival. Rajbhog is offered at the time of Bal Bhog, afternoon and evening.

Timing Of Temple:

In the winter season in Chhoti Dev Kali temple, the doors are opened after Mangala Aarti at 06:30 AM, and Bhog Aarti is done at 11:00 AM which Rajbhog is offered. In the evening at 04:00 AM Bal Bhog Aarti, in which fruits, sweets, dry fruits, etc. are offered to the maa kali. The time of the evening Arti is 06:30 PM, in which Rajbhog is again offered to Mata Kali, after that at 09:00PM the kapat is closed for the devotees. In summer it opens half an hour earlier and closes half an hour earlier.

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