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Mangalnath Temple



Mangalnath Temple


Koteshwar Colony, Fort View Colony, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474008

Mangalnath, located in the city of Ujjain, India, is considered a sacred site in Hinduism, especially associated with the planet Mars. Mangalnath temple has great importance in Hindu mythology. It is said that any devotee who comes to this temple with a good feeling and prays to Lord Shiva for the destruction of Mangal Dosha and worships Mangal Shanti, Lord Shiva removes all the defects along with his Mangal Dosha. According to Hindu beliefs, the Mangalnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is considered to be the birthplace of Mars. Devotees believe that by praying and worshiping in this temple, the adverse effects of Mangal Dosha on a person are reduced and one gets freedom from Mangal Dosha. Also, the positive energy starts flowing in their life. During the festival of Navratri, a special festival is celebrated in the Mangalnath temple where devotees come from far and wide to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and get rid of Mars. Shiva-loving devotees go to Mangalnath and worship and perform rituals, they believe that by doing so their astrological influence becomes favorable.

Mythological History:

Ujjain is called the city of Mahakal, the era of the times, and the Shipra river flowing in this city of Mahakal is called Moksha Dayini KshipraThis temple of Mangalnath on the holy banks of Shipra is one of the very ancient temples. Shiva himself is present in the form of Mangalnath under this temple. It is believed that only after seeing Lord Mangalnath, do all the devotees' sorrows go away. Devotees come here from far and wide to get Lord Mangalnath's darshan so they can get his blessings. There are many temples of Lord Mars in India, due to his birthplace in Ujjain, special importance is given to the worship here. It is said that this temple is centuries old. It was rebuilt during the Scindia dynasty. Ujjain city is called the city of Lord Mahakal, hence the idol of Lord Mangalnath Shiva is worshiped here.

The place of Lord Mars comes among the nine planets. It is also known by the names ‘Angarka’ and ‘Khuj’. According to Vedic mythology, Mars is the symbol of strength, bravery, and courage and is considered the protector of religion. Mangal Dev is depicted holding a four-handed trident and a mace. By worshiping God Mars, one gets peace from planet Mars and gets freedom from debt and financial gain. Coral is worn as the gemstone of Mars. Mars is considered the guardian of the south direction. Legend says that King Ripudaman and King Sanghaditya came to attack Avanti with the help of the demon Dushan, who was blessed by Lord Brahma to become invisible. At the request of King Chandrasen, Lord Shiva took the incarnation of Mahakaal and killed all the demons but after that remained active here for future protection. That is why this Jyotirlinga is active even today.

 It is believed that the origin of this temple of Lord Mangalnath was during the war between Lord Shiva and the demon named Andhakasura. It is said that Andhakasura had done penance to Lord Shiva and after that, after becoming pleased with Lord Shiva, Andhakasura had asked for a boon from Lord Shiva that hundreds of demons would be born from his blood and after receiving this boon, he would die. The demon wreaked havoc in AvantikaDue to which everyone was troubled, then the poor and distressed prayed to Lord Shiva and said  Lord please save us from this crisis and then to remove the troubles of the devotees, Shambhu himself fought with Andhakasura. There was a fierce battle between the two, Lord Shiva started sweating, due to the heat of Rudra's sweat drop, the earth of Ujjain burst into two parts and Mars was born. It is said that Lord Shiva killed the demon and his blood drops were absorbed by the newly born planet Mars. That is why the land of Mars is red and it is believed that there is a rush of devotees in the temple every Tuesday. People believe that after propitiating the planet in this temple, the planetary evil gets eliminated. Such persons, who have Mars in the fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house in their horoscope, perform special puja for the peace of Mars. Throughout the year, special worship of Mangalnath is done on the day of Angarak Chaturthi in March. Special yagyas and havans are performed here on this day. At this time, people come to Ujjain from far and wide for the peace of Mars. The Bhaat Puja held here is also considered very important. Mars is considered to be the lord of Aries and Scorpio, to pacify them, Lord Mangalnath is worshiped in this month. The Aarti of Mangalnath starts in the temple from 6 am and immediately after the Aarti, parrots start hovering around the temple premises until they get the grains of Prasad. They keep hovering here and after receiving Prasad from the devotees, the parrots calm down. If we delay for some time in pouring the Prasad, these birds start making noise. People believe that Lord Mangalnath himself comes in the form of birds to eat the Prasad. By worshiping in Mangalnath temple, the aggressive Mars in the horoscope gets calmed down. Due to this belief, every year thousands of newly married couples who have Mangal Dosh in their horoscope come here to perform puja and by performing the puja, all the defects in their horoscope get pacified.

Timing Of Temple:

Mangalnath temple opens for devotees at 05:00 AM. From 07:00 AM to 03:00 PM, the puja path is performed for the devotees to pacify the Mangal Dosha. There is a huge crowd of people in this temple every Tuesday, but the view on Angarika Chaturthi in March is very grand. You can come to this temple anytime at your convenience. Here every Tuesday a period of special worship continues.


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