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Garh Kalika Temple



Garh Kalika Temple


Near Sthirman Ganesh, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh 456006

The Garh Kalika Temple in Madhya Pradesh is a special place for Hindus to meet the goddess. Garh Kalika Temple is a grand temple situated on a high hill. Devotees consider Mother Goddess as a very living goddess. The Mother Goddess is seen as a strong and protective goddess. Devotees come to the Garh Kalika temple, take darshan and believe that the Mother Goddess will definitely bestow their auspicious blessings. Mother Goddess Kalika is responsible for the safety and stability of her devotees. It is believed that by worshiping in this temple, all the sins of the devotees are eradicated and their life becomes happy with the blessings of Mother Goddess. Goddess Kalika is one of the most powerful and protective energy symbols in Hinduism, providing strength and protection to her devotees. This temple is in a peaceful environment, surrounded by nature, devotees coming to this place find themselves close to the Mother Goddess. According to the belief, by worshiping at this place and performing Satchandi Havan etc., all the sins are destroyed from the life of the devotees and all the wishes are fulfilled.

Mythological History:

No one knows about the antiquity of the miraculous temple of Goddess Kalika, yet it is believed that this temple was established during the Mahabharata period. It is mentioned in the Puranas that the shrine of Maa Bhagwati Sati is situated on the Bhairav ​​mountain near the banks of the Shipra river in Ujjain. The lips had fallen. It is believed that when Ramchandra ji was going to Ayodhya after being victorious in the war, he stopped near Rudrasagar. On the same night, Bhagwati Kalika, who had gone out in search of food, came here and tried to catch Hanuman. But Hanuman assumed the form of Maha Bhishad. Then the goddess ran away in fear. At that time, the part got spoiled, and the part which remained, in the same place is famous by the name of Kalika. The temple was remodelled in the 7th century by King Harhwardhan. It is believed that the great poet Kalidas attained his scholarly skills by true dedication to Goddess Kalika. 

Harshvardhan had renovated the temple: Statues and foundations of the Shunga period (first century BC), Gupta period (fourth century), and Parmar period (tenth to twelfth century) have been found at the place of this temple. Emperor Harshvardhan had renovated this temple in the seventh century. It was built during the Parmar period in the 10th century. Remains of renovation have also been found. In the twentieth century, the traditional priest Siddha Nath Ji Maharaj got the renovation done in Vikram Samvat 2001 (1944).

Narmund's offering of cloth: Narmund made of cloth is offered on Dashami after Navratri in Gadkalika temple. Lemons are distributed as Prasad on the day of Dussehra. Many tantric come to this temple for tantric rituals. During these nine days, Mother Kalika appears in different forms to her devotees. Regular prayers and artis are conducted in the evening hours. You can participate in religious ceremonies and seek the blessings of the Goddess. The temple has been restored over the past years to preserve its religious and cultural heritage. You will find flocks of devotees visiting the temple all around the year. The Gadkalika temple is located in the countryside with lush green landscapes. You will find ultimate peace and calm in the surroundings of the temple. The temple is wonderfully lit and appears illuminated in the dark nights. 

Timing of temple: 

 The tombs of Garkalika temple  opens for devotees from 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM everyday. 

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